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    Llorens Crying Baby Dolls

    Llorens Crying Baby Dolls

    Raphael & Romeo 

    Proudly bring to you Llorens Crying Baby Dolls- the most beautifully crafter crying dolls world wide.

    The Llorens Crying Baby Doll is like a real baby. When you take its dummy away, it cries and calls for Mama and papa. The design is completely Spanish and artisan-made. All Llorens dolls adhere to European child safety regulations, guaranteeing that your children will have fun in the safest way possible. Doll clothings are made from top-quality materials and fabrics, they are designed with the smallest of details in mind. Llorens dolls are really incredible and we’re convinced it will become one of your child’s favourites to play with.

    Not anatomically correct

    Rooted hair

    Fabric body

    Includes dummy

    Sound mechanism (Says, mamma papa)

    Recommended for ages 3 years+